Management Philosophy

PCP's Management Philosophy

An organization’s management philosophy can be defined as the set of values shared by its members with respect to relations with internal and external parties, services, technology and the organization itself. This philosophy ultimately expresses how things are done at Pro-Claim Plus, Inc.

PCP's values

Discussions among Pro-Claim Plus, Inc. employees have identified certain values critical to Pro-Claim Plus, Inc. decisions and activities.

Respect, in its broadest sense, tops this list. This means “respect” as it is understood and experienced by all of these persons, however they might individually define it.

These values also include team spirit, which is seen as a way of creating positive and productive synergy, both professionally and personally. They include creativity, which is the ability to imagine that which does not already exist--and which pushes us all to grow and to innovate. They include an open management style which engenders trust and fairness, while encouraging honest and effective communications.

Our management philosophy is articulated around the following six criteria:

I. Human Resources

  • Performs it mission with respect for its employees, members and customers.
  • Considers its staff to be its most precious asset.
  • Recognizes the skills and collective contributions of its employees.
  • Enhances the knowledge, skills, ideas and creations of each individual.
  • Encourages perfectionism and self-awareness.
  • Encourages cooperation among employees.
  • Trusts its staff and and entrusts them with specific responsibilities.
  • Subscribes to fair employment practices.

II. Communications

  • Encourages frank and direct communications.
  • Welcomes the ideas and suggestions from employees and customers.
  • Encourages an exchange of information and the free circulation of information needed to perform tasks at hand.
  • Encourages better understanding among the staff of all aspects of their work and their contribution to achieving organizational goals.

III. The Environment

  • Provides its staff and associates with a superior environment.
  • Considers members and customers to be vital partners and acts accordingly.
  • Sees to the physical and mental well being of its employees.
  • Supports participatory management.
  • Encourages creativity.
  • Encourages teamwork.

IV. The Administration

  • Subscribes to a policy of excellence and has adopted continuing improvement practices.
  • Favors a results-oriented approach.
  • Deploys its full resources to provide its employees with the tools they need to perform their duties.
  • Seeks optimal management of all of its resources.

V. The Commitments

  • Management agrees to respect this management philosophy and to ensure its respect by others.
  • Makes this management philosophy a part of all its decision and relations with its employee and customers.
  • Provides support in the implementation and the realization of its management philosophy.
  • Makes this management philosophy a part of its endeavors and a part of its relationships with staff members, as well as with its members, and customers.

VI. Recourse

  • Any staff member who believes he or she has not been fairly treated in terms of this management philosophy may at any time speak with an immediate or departmental supervisor, or directly with the President of Pro-Claim Plus, Inc.