Managed Care Services

A conscientiously applied Managed Care program offers the most important means of moderating increase in health care cost. Fundamental to the success of efforts are:

  • Employer Commitment
  • Automated Claims Administration
  • Proper Plan Design
  • Employee Education and Health Promotion

Pro-Claim Plus, Inc. is committed to the comprehensive management of employee benefit programs, not only from an administrative perspective but also by aggressively managing your benefit and claim expenses. This commitment is evidenced by an ongoing effort to evaluate new and innovative ideas. Pro-Claim Plus is strategically implementing technological enhancements to our system ensuring our ability to provide quality cost-effective services for our clients.

Pro-Claim Plus provides more aggressive alternatives for the employer who wants greater control and effort toward reducing unnecessary claim expenditures. Pro-Claim currently offers the following managed care services:

  • Hospital Pre-Admission Review
  • Concurrent Review
  • Managed Second Surgical Opinion
  • Medical Information Helpline
  • Large Case management
  • Preferred Provider Arrangements
  • Prescription Drug Program

These management services have been developed as part of our comprehensive benefit administration package.