Customer Service

Pro-Claim Plus, Inc. is proud of our strong commitment to our client’s satisfaction. We have a dedicated staff of trained professionals whose responsibilities include verification of eligibility and benefits, claim inquires, and answering employee and/or provider questions regarding benefit payments.

Our claim service team are trained on each plan constructed giving them the knowledge to answer multi-task questions. They also receive ongoing training with regard to the constantly changing legal environment of employee benefit plan and the benefit practices of employers.

Pro-Claim Plus, realizing the need for sensitivity and professionalism when dealing with employee questions and provider inquires, has developed the department to meet those concerns along with the convenience of a toll-free customer service telephone line.

Finally, Pro-Claim Plus has set up one claim processor per group to create a relationship between the employer and Pro-Claim Plus. We don’t want any questions to go unanswered and with one contact you know exactly who to talk to when inquiries arise.